About Us

What distinguishes IDAC from other DEI focus organizations?

The leaders of IDAC understand we are all in this together, as current DEI inequality gaps in our industry are for too great for one organization to solve. Thus, IDAC has reached out to strategically align with NASP, AAAIM, NAA, IIDC, and other DEI focused oragnizations via both collaborative and independent efforts that complement their existing works. However, what distinguishes IDAC is that is : 

  • A task force, specifically designed to develop solutions for closing all DEI inequity gaps (capital funding, hiring initiatives, education, etc.) within our industry
  • An organization that leverages people, efforts, and resources across all components of our industry (e.g. asset managers, allocators, consultants, and academics).

What is the purpose of IDAC?

  • To bring structure, standards and transparency to drive the integration of diversity, equity and inclusion throughout the asset management industry.
  • To bring together like-minded allocators, asset managers, advocacy groups and academics, sharing diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) best practices that can serve as roadmaps for policy development and implementation.
  • To accelerate the momentum and adoption of diversity, equity and inclusion as a priority in the assets management industry.

How can my organization benefit from becoming a member of the IDAC?

  • Establish my organization as a DEI leader in building an industry that is better equipped to meet our stakeholder objectives by optimizing the talent pool for success.
  • Find creative ways to connect with the leading asset owners, forward-thinking managers, DEI Force Multipliers, policy developers, and diverse vendors offering portfolio management, risk management, transition management, and other front-middle and back office service.
  • Showcase the unique DEI journey traveled by my organization while also leveraging lessons learned from others that contribute to the IDAC Digital Resources Library.

“In a recent Gartner survey, D&I was reported as the top talent management priority for CEOs, and more than 800 CEOs have signed the CEO Action Pledge for Diversity and Inclusion. Yet only 36% of D&I leaders report that their organization has been effective at building a diverse workforce.”

3 Steps to Sustainable Diversity and Inclusion Strategies, Gartner (2022)

“By the year 2032, majority of the U.S. working class will be people of color.”

Economic Policy Institute (2016)

“We found that companies with the most ethnically diverse executive teams…are 33 percent more likely to outperform their peers on profitability. Companies in the fourth quartile on both gender and ethnic diversity are (29%) more likely to underperform their industry peers on profitability.”

Delivering through diversity, McKinsey (2018)

IDAC’s Mission

To Bring Together like-minded asset allocators, asset managers, advocacy groups, professional societies and academics committed to taking practical steps to fully engage the best talent from all sources to meet our stakeholder objectives.

To promote Transparency, Structure Standards and Practical Steps that can drive the integration of DEI throughout our industry.

To share Best Practices, Case Studies, and Implementation Roadmaps illustrating different paths to success and examples for overcoming challenges along the way.